The Dangers Of Substance Abuse

The Dangers Of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse has many dangers and pitfalls. When alcohol or drugs are used excessively and abused there are many possible consequences. Substance abuse can lead to many different medical conditions, depending on the substance being abused. Drug and alcohol use can cause you to age prematurely, and can affect your heart and other internal organs. Alcohol and some drugs can damage or even destroy your liver when used excessively over a period of time. Snorting any substance can lead to infections and other medical complications. Substance abuse is one of the leading causes of death in the USA, Canada, and many other countries around the world.


Another danger with substance abuse is legal problems. Even alcohol, which is a legal substance, can cause legal problems. Driving under the influence, drunk in public, and other alcohol related offenses can cause you to be arrested and face criminal charges. Possessing, using, or selling drugs is illegal, and even being under the influence of an illegal drug can cause your arrest and conviction. Substance abuse can cause you to face  jail or even prison time, large fines, and even the loss of your property. Sometimes the need for drugs will cause someone to rob, steal, or commit other crimes to purchase the drug of choice. Drug abuse can cause legal problems in many different ways.


Financial problems are another result of substance abuse for most individuals. Drugs and alcohol can be expensive, especially when used in large quantities or on a regular basis. Even with a steady job this expense will start to build up, and as your tolerance grows you will need more to get the same effect, causing the cost to rise even more. Substance abuse can interfere with your employment and income, and this is especially true if you have an employer who drug screens. Even professionals who have no employer can lose income and business reputation because of drug or alcohol abuse.


Substance abuse can devastate every area of your life. If you have a problem then you need to know that there is help available to you. Valiant Recovery is an upscale rehab facility that offers privacy, confidentiality, and a treatment program that gets results. You do not have to live with substance abuse, and it is possible to eliminate this problem when the right methods are used. Let Valiant Recovery show you just how good life used to be, before drugs or alcohol got in the way and ruined everything.


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