• Woman Answering Call

    Finding A Job After Rehab

    One of the things about rehab and post-rehab life is getting back to the normal swing of life. This includes doing things like paying bills, getting a job, going grocery shopping and more. However, just because you’ve been to rehab does not mean finding a …

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  • Human Brain Neurons

    Can You Reverse Memory Loss From Cannabis?

    There are various debates taking place recently about how marijuana does and does not affect us – from impairment while driving, leading us to try other drugs, and several other potential aspects of marijuana use. One commonly known side effect of smoking marijuana is memory …

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  • Alcoholic

    Tips for Staying Sober During Holidays

    Depending on your religion and your location, the holidays come at various times of the year for you. However, nearly every culture has holidays of some sort throughout the year. And with holidays, typically comes alcohol, too. For most people, this is an exciting time, …

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  • Individual Counselling1

    How to Talk to an Alcoholic

    Whether it is a close friend, a family member, or even a significant other – talking to someone about their obvious struggle with alcohol is difficult. You might not know how to approach it, what to say, or how to respond based on their reaction. …

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  • Pills

    How to Identify a Drug Overdose

    A drug overdose is an unfortunate, but a growingly popular occurrence. In fact, in 2017, a record number of Canadians died from opioid overdoses, according to CBC. Compared to 2016, fatal overdoses were up more than 45 percent in 2017. What is an overdose? By …

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