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Why Is Individual Counseling So Important With Addiction Treatment?

addiction treatment, individual counselingWhen it comes to addiction treatment there are many different types of programs and facilities, and some will offer individual counseling sessions while others rely mainly on group counseling instead. Individual counseling has been shown to be one of the most effective methods used in order to provide addiction treatment but this method comes at an additional cost. Group therapy does have benefits and should be included in any addiction treatment program, but it is also important that individual counseling is also offered. Every individual will have various reasons for their substance abuse. Group sessions may not delve into the specific reasons for the substance abuse, and this can leave the individual without the needed insight and resources to gain a permanent recovery. In order to overcome the addiction all of the contributing causes must be uncovered and addressed, and this can only be done one on one. Programs that offer individual counseling will typically cost more because of the higher expense involved, but in many cases repeat addiction treatment will not be needed as a result. In the individual sessions a therapist will work with you to discover why the substance abuse and addiction occur, and then work on eliminating these hidden problems. This eliminates the need to use drugs or alcohol. Often substance abuse is an attempt to cover hidden pain or trauma, or to fill a void inside. Individual sessions can help the patient work through these issues in a private setting and with complete confidentiality. There is no embarrassment or concern about what others in the group will think, and that means recovery can occur faster and permanent results can be achieved.