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10 Possible Symptoms When Detoxing From Alcohol

alcohol abuse, detoxing from alcohol

Detoxing from alcohol can range from unpleasant to life threatening, and often medical supervision is required when the alcohol addiction is severe or the alcohol abuse has been going on for a long time. The symptoms can range from very mild to severe, and some individuals may experience few or none of these symptoms while others may experience them all. Some of the more serious symptoms of detoxing from alcohol can include:


1. Seizures- When seizures occur because of detoxing from alcohol then medications may be needed to stop them.


2. Excessive Sweating- The person detoxing from alcohol may seem like they are drenched in sweat, no matter what the actual temperature is.


3. Hallucinations- Hallucinations can cause extreme agitation or emotional distress in the individual who is detoxing from alcohol. There are medical treatments that can minimize any hallucinations.


4. Tremors- A user who is detoxing from alcohol may shake violently, displaying tremors that do not stop.


5. Nausea- Nausea is common during withdrawal, and the individual may have a hard time eating or drinking because of the nausea.


6. Agitation- One of the most common symptoms when detoxing from alcohol is agitation, and this is true for other types of withdrawal as well.


7. Convulsions- Convulsions can be very dangerous, and when they occur as a result of detoxing from alcohol medical intervention may be needed.


8. Paranoia- The paranoia seen because of detox may make the individual difficult to talk to or control, and they may become violent if the paranoia gets severe.


9. Anxiety-Anxiety is a common problem during detox, and the individual may become extremely anxious and need to be medicated.


10. Vomiting- Severe vomiting can be a big problem for those detoxing from alcohol. This can cause dehydration or even a deadly imbalance in the body if not treated properly.