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  • Blog Post Week 27 6

    7 Ways To Identify Substance Abuse In Teens!

    1. Changes In Friends- Often substance abuse can be identified by a change in friends and peer groups of the teenager. As alcohol or drugs take over the teen has less time for old friends, and will surround themselves with new peers who share the …

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  • Blog Post Week 27 7

    9 Ways That Addiction Can Affect Your Life!

    1. Family Relationships- Addiction can destroy family relationships, break down communication, and even cause a lack of trust. Family members may try to help but until you are ready this assistance is often turned down.   2. Friendships- When addiction sets in then friendships are …

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  • Blog Post Week 27 3

    7 Signs That May Indicate Substance Abuse Problems!

    1. Alcohol and drugs can become expensive very quickly, and can cause financial problems. Asking to borrow money all the time or being frequently behind in bills and debt payments can be a sign that substance abuse treatment is needed. 2. Legal issues like DUI …

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  • Blog Post Week 27 2

    5 Reasons Professionals Should Seek Early Substance Abuse Treatment!

    1. Confidentiality- Professionals who have substance abuse or addiction issues can maintain complete confidentiality when early treatment is sought. If treatment is ordered or mandated then you could end up losing some of the confidentiality involved because information may need to be disclosed to an …

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  • Blog Post Week 27 1

    Pilot Substance Abuse Facts And Statistics

      Pilots have a rate of substance abuse that is comparable with physicians, legal professionals, and top executives. This is caused in part by excessive stress on the job, long hours, and other special factors. Approximately 15%-20% of all aviation incidents and accidents around the …

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