5 Big Risk Factors For Substance Abuse!

1. Childhood Trauma– Childhood trauma can include neglect, abuse, or even sexual assault. If there is not a nurturing environment during childhood or there are traumatic events that occur then therapy will be needed to prevent any substance abuse problems from occurring. A parent who is emotionally distant or inconsistent in discipline may also contribute to this type of behavior later on in life.causes of addiction, substance abuse risk factors

2. Physical Abuse– Physical abuse can cause an individual to turn to alcohol or drugs in an effort to block out the pain and the memories. Spouses who are battered, teenagers who are abused, and even those assaulted during an attack from an unknown stranger may have problems coping with this type of event.

3. Sexual Assault– Rape, molestation, and other types of sexual assault can leave permanent scars. This is true no matter how old the victim is or what sex they are. Often victims of these events will use alcohol or drugs to block out the mental anguish and horrible memories instead of working through them. This can leave a festering wound that is invisible but damaging just the same.

4. Poor Coping Skills– Each individual will have a different level of coping skills when it comes to the stresses and experiences that life throws at us. Research has shown that some individuals have more effective coping skills than others, and those without these skills are much more likely to have substance abuse issues.

5. Chaotic Home Life– A chaotic home life can lead to substance abuse, even in adults. Unhappy marriages, constant friction at home, and other issues may cause the individual to stop off at a bar or stop at a friend’s house to get high so that they feel better able to cope with what waits at home.

What Are Club Drugs And Why Are They Used?

club drugs, party drugs, ravesClub drugs are those that are commonly used as a part of the party scene. These events may be called raves, and they often occur at clubs and can last all night long. Hundreds of people or even more at times spend the night dancing, drinking, and having a good time. Most of the club drugs are used because they provide energy, promote relaxation, or cause hallucinations. A number have been used to sedate unsuspecting individuals who are then sexually assaulted. The victim may not even realize it because some of these drugs have an amnesia effect that eliminates any possible memory of the previous evening. Ecstasy is also called Adam or MDMA, and it is both a hallucinogen and a stimulant. GHB, also referred to as G or Blue Nitro, is one of those that may be used for date rape because it has no taste or color but is a very powerful sedative.

Rohypnol is frequently called roofies, and it is one of the most common sedating drugs used to rape unsuspecting individuals. Ketamine may be known as Special K or just K, and this is actually an anesthetic. LSD has made a comeback and can be found on the club scene, and the drug today is just as strong as ever and just as dangerous. It may also be called dot, microdot, or acid. Mushrooms, which may be called magic mushrooms, shrooms, or peyote, cause hallucinations similar to LSD. PCP use is also on the rise on the club scene, and this is an animal anesthetic that can have very dangerous effects in humans. Unbelievable strength that is superhuman and an inability to feel pain while on this drug makes this one of the worst when it comes to aggressive and violent behavior.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Drug Legalization?

drug legalization, legalization pros and cons

Lately there has been a lot of talk about drug legalization, and this involves not only marijuana but also other drugs as well. Many claim that this would have benefits, while others believe that the drawbacks would be severe and would harm society. One argument for legalization is that the drug laws often put people in prison who have not hurt anyone but themselves, and that this has a staggering cost for the country as a whole. On the other side is the impact on society if all of these substances were widely available. There are already many deaths each year from alcohol related driving accidents, and if drugs are legal then this rate could skyrocket. These individuals point out that the crime rate could stay the same because of those who steal or rob to get the financial resources needed to buy the required drugs.

One concern is the message that taking this move would send to younger generations. They may decide that since these substances are legal they are safe, and that is not true. Even legal drugs like tobacco and alcohol are not safe. Those in favor of this move point out that legal drugs are much harder to get than illegal substances. Studies show that minors have a harder time getting alcohol then they do getting marijuana and other illegal drugs because a buyer must be found who is old enough for an alcohol sale but teens of all ages deal pot and other drugs right at school. There are people on both sides of this issue, and neither shows any signs of compromise.

What Is The Difference Between Cocaine And Crack?

What is the difference between cocaine and crack? Both of these drugs involve cocaine, but they appear in a different form and are consumed in different ways. Crack has a cocaine base but there are other materials in the end product as well, and these are called fillers. Fillers are designed to help a drug maintain the desired shape, and when crack is used these can cause medical complications on top of those caused by cocaine use in a purer form. When the fillers are added to the powdered cocaine and the process is complete the chemical composition of the drug changes and it is easily absorbed into the lungs when smoked.complications of cocaine use, crack

Crack cocaine is smoked but it can not be snorted or injected. The powdered form may be snorted, sprinkled on tobacco or marijuana and then smoked, or mixed with liquid and then injected into the vein with a hypodermic syringe. The consumption of cocaine in any form can cause serious medical problems or even death. An overdose is very possible, and the use of this drug can cause problems with the heart muscles such as enlargement or an inability to contract properly. Injecting any drug can lead to serious bacterial infections and exposure to many dangerous viruses like HIV and Hepatitis, especially when needles are shared between people or the same needle is used repeatedly without thorough cleansing. A big difference between the powder and rock form of cocaine is the price, with crack going for as little as $10-$20 per rock in many inner cities while cocaine seems to be much more expensive on the street.

Common Risks Associated With Drug Injections!

risks of injecting drugs, substance abuse risksOne form of drug abuse involves injecting the drug into the body, and this can have many different risks associated with it. Users often start injecting drugs because the effect is faster and stronger, and this can be done in one of three ways. The injection may be given in the vein, in the muscle, or under the skin in a technique called skin popping. In addition to all of the risks that are found with the substance that is being injected there are also others. The injection site could become infected, and this may require strong antibiotics. Abscesses can form and may need to be surgically removed because of the needle going deep into the tissue or vein. Scar tissue can also form from the damage caused, and this can cause blockages.

Adulterants and fillers can be found in many drugs, and when these are injected into your body there are many potential complications that can be caused. These can cause nerve and lunge damage, interfere with vision, increase the risk of serious infections, and even cause seizures or death. Many infections can also be transmitted when needles are shared. These include HIV, hepatitis, and others. Paralysis can occur if the wrong nerves are damaged by the puncture, and most individuals will have pain and swelling at the injection site. Users who inject the drug of choice face many more risks than those who smoke or snort the substance, but any form of substance abuse carries many risks that could cause life altering damage and injuries or even death.