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  • Blog Post Week 42 5

    What Is Ice?

    Ice is known as one of the most dangerous street drugs that can be abused, but what is it and how does it work in the body? This is the strongest type of methamphetamine available and it is found in a crystal form that is …

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  • Blog Post Week 42 4

    Marijuana Drug Abuse Statistics That Matter!

    The statistics for drug abuse can cover a wide range of drugs, from illegal street drug use to the abuse of prescription medications. Financial aid for students may depend on whether or not the student has ever been convicted of a drug offense, and this …

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  • Blog Post Week 42 3

    What Effects Does Ecstasy Have?

    Ecstasy use has many effects, and these include both short term and long term consequences. Ecstasy is known as a party drug and has become popular among the younger rave generations. Even first time users have died and the designer drug has very dangerous side …

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  • Why Does Addiction Treatment Fail?

    Addiction treatment is a common need, with estimates that between ten and fifteen percent of all Americans have a substance abuse problem at any time. Unfortunately most of the time addiction treatment does not work, and the failure rates for most rehabs can be very …

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  • Work Out

    Why Do Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers Encourage Physical Fitness And Exercise?

    Drug and alcohol treatment centers can be found in almost every variety and type, but almost all of these facilities include some type of physical fitness regimen. Why do these programs encourage exercise and physical fitness though? There are several reasons why fitness and exercise …

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