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  • Blog Post Week 45 7

    Prescription Drug Abuse Is Often Mistakenly Seen As Harmless

    In America roughly 20% of people who take prescription drugs have admitted abusing or misusing these substances in some way. This misuse and abuse can include:       Taking more of a medication that what was prescribed Taking prescribed medication when it is not …

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  • Blog Post Week 45 6

    Can Parents Prevent Teen Substance Abuse?

    Recent studies show that parents may have more influence over teens than they think when it comes to substance abuse. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA as this agency is often called, recently released a report that should give parents some …

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  • Blog Post Week 45 5

    Is Your Addiction Physical, Psychological, Or Both?

    Addiction comes in many forms, and is caused by many different things. Substance abuse and prescription drug abuse can cause you to become addicted to specific chemicals and substance abuse. Other addictions can include sex, shopping, gambling, eating, being thin, and many more. Some addictions …

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  • Blog Post Week 45 4

    What Are Bath Salts And Why Are They Dangerous?

    In recent months a new type of drug has received widespread attention, and these are called bath salts. These are not substances that you put in your bath in order to relax and relieve stress, they are substances that are used in order to alter …

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  • Cocaine Treatment Programs

    Methamphetamine Labs Pose Dangers To Entire Communities.

    Methamphetamine addiction is becoming a serious problem in many US cities, and this drug poses dangers and risks to everyone in the affected communities and not just the user. Methamphetamine is produced through a highly volatile process that involves chemicals that have many risks. When …

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