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  • Blog Post Week 44 6

    Top Risk Factors For Substance Abuse Of Any Type.

    When it comes to substance abuse there are many different risk factors that play a role in whether or not an individual will become dependent or addicted to a substance. Common risk factors for substance abuse include:       Your use of a drug …

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  • Blog Post Week 44 7

    How To Find The Best Substance Abuse Treatment Facility.

    If you have substance abuse problems then what do you need to look for in order to find the best possible treatment facility? There is no such thing as a one size fits all program or facility, and if you want a permanent recovery and …

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  • Blog Post Week 44 2

    What Are Hallucinogens?

    What are hallucinogens? Are these drugs addictive? Hallucinogenic drugs can include a number of different compounds that usually come from plants and fungi, including mushrooms. Some may be psychologically addictive while others are not. Some of the most common hallucinogens found today include:     …

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  • Blog Post Week 44 5

    Abusing Central Nervous System Depressants Can Cost You Your Life!

      One of the common classes of drugs that are frequently abused are central nervous system depressants. Your central nervous system includes your brain and all of your spinal cord tissues, and these drugs slow down the usual activity that takes place in these areas. …

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  • Blog Post Week 43 7

    What Are The Statistics Concerning Cocaine Use?

    Cocaine is a very destructive drug that is illegal in the United States and most other countries, and the statistics for this type of substance abuse may surprise you. Some statistics that you may not know include:       The typical users of cocaine …

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