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  • Blog Post Week 49 2

    Methamphetamine Use Can Cause Serious Medical Complications

    The use of methamphetamine can cause many medical complications, up to and including death. This drug affects the cardiovascular system and can create havoc in the body. When meth is used then the user will typically experience an increase in heart rate and blood pressure …

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  • Blog Post Week 49 1

    How Important is Environment with Substance Abuse Treatment?

    Whether you are looking for substance abuse treatment in Canada, the USA, or another location one of the most important factors to consider is the environment and setting for any specific program or facility. One reason why a luxury or upscale rehab typically offers better …

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  • Blog Post Week 48 7

    Are You At Risk For Prescription Drug Abuse?

    Prescription drug abuse is becoming an alarming trend in the USA but who is at risk for this problem? There are a number of risk factors that could mean you have a higher risk of becoming addicted to certain types of prescription medications, even if …

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  • Blog Post Week 48 6

    Medical Marijuana Use Can Still Lead To Addiction

    A number of states have passed medical marijuana laws in recent years, and two have even passed laws decriminalizing the recreational use of this drug. At times this can lead to a false sense of safety and security though because users may believe that since …

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  • Blog Post Week 48 5

    How Common is Drugged Driving?

    Just how common is drugged driving? Is this activity as common as drinking and driving? Drugged driving refers to driving a vehicle while impaired due to drug use, and this is far more common than most people imagine. In 2009 the NSDUH reported that more …

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