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  • Luxury Drug And Alcohol Rehab Center

    Is an Intervention Appropriate?

    If you have a loved one or family member who has a problem with drugs, alcohol, or other addictions then an intervention may be one of the options that you are considering. A common myth is that an intervention will only work if the individual …

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  • Blog Post Week 52 2

    Is Your Teen Using Drugs or Alcohol?

    Teen substance abuse is a big problem across the USA, and the world. Many teenagers start to experiment with drugs or alcohol, hiding this activity from parents and authority figures. The signs of substance abuse or addiction are not always easy for parents to spot …

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  • Drug Abuse In Businesses

    The Truth About Teen Addiction

    Addiction can be a devastating condition that can cause the individual to lose everything that they have and hold dear. Someone who has never experienced an addiction can not understand the compulsion and the pull that the substance or activity has, and often people think …

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  • Blog Post Week 51 7

    A Sex Addiction can be a Serious Problem!

    A sex addiction is often the topic of jokes and ridicule but this type of addiction is real. Many may be surprised to find that sex addiction is not really about sex, it is about the emotional needs and vulnerabilities of the individual instead. This …

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  • Blog Post Week 51 6

    Is Gambling Destroying Your Family and Life? Help is Available!

    Gambling can be an enjoyable pastime, and many people play the lottery or visit a casino on occasion. Compulsive gambling is a growing problem in the USA though and this addiction can destroy your family and even your entire life if it is not treated …

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