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  • Blog Post Week 51 5

    Eating Disorders are Real and They Can be Deadly!

    Few people think of eating disorders when they think of addictions, but these conditions can be just as devastating and deadly as any alcohol or drug abuse. The reason that eating disorders occur is not fully known. Some specialists speculate that the individual controls their …

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  • Blog Post Week 51 4

    Do You Have a Shopping Addiction?

      A shopping addiction is a very real problem, one that can destroy families, create a mountain of debt, and even end up with jail time and a criminal record at times. How can you tell whether you just enjoy shopping or if you are …

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  • Blog Post Week 51 3

    What are Your Relapse Triggers and How Can You Avoid Them?

    When it comes to relapse the triggers involved may be different for each person, but there are some common triggers that seem to cause problems in a large percentage of cases. You need to determine which triggers may cause issues and then make a plan …

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  • Blog Post Week 51 2

    5 Tips on How to Deal With a Substance Abuse Relapse

    Substance abuse relapse can be a big problem, and many who enter treatment will require further rounds in the future because the risk of relapse is so high. There are some tips on how to deal with this problem if it occurs, so that you …

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  • Blog Post Week 51 1

    Signs That Alcohol Detox Treatment is Needed

    Alcohol detox treatment is a very important component of recovery for anyone who has an ongoing alcohol abuse problem. As large amounts of alcohol are consumed consistently over time this leads to a physical dependence on the substance. If the alcohol use is suddenly stopped …

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