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  • Blog Post Week 50 7

    What is Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome?

    What is alcohol withdrawal syndrome and who is at risk for this problem? Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can be serious, or even life threatening in a number of cases. This syndrome occurs in individuals who have been consuming alcohol in large amounts over an extended period …

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  • Blog Post Week 50 6

    Which OTC Drugs are Frequently Abused by Teenagers?

    One of the most alarming trends in the USA is over the counter drug abuse by teenagers. Often this activity is viewed as safe because youths believe that if it is widely available without a prescription it must not be harmful, but nothing could be …

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  • Blog Post Week 50 5

    How Common is Over the Counter Drug Abuse?

    Over the counter drug abuse is a trend that is growing, especially among teens and young adults. Unlike prescription medications or illegal street drugs OTC options can be purchased in almost any store, and these are displayed right on the shelves. There are few if …

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  • Blog Post Week 50 4

    7 Common Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

    There are a number of common signs that indicate prescription drug abuse or addiction, and knowing these can help determine whether an individual needs substance abuse treatment. These include:   Doctor Shopping- Doctor shopping occurs when the individual goes to more than one doctor in …

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  • Blog Post Week 50 3

    Who is at Risk for Oxycontin Addiction?

    Oxycontin is becoming one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs across the nation, but who is at risk for developing an Oxycontin addiction? This narcotic pain medication is very powerful and is only prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. A myth frequently believed …

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