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  • Stop Drinking Alcohol

    How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

    Do you struggle with alcohol use or addiction? Do you want to know how to stop drinking alcohol? This is a very common goal. Many people do not understand what treatment is needed or which treatment methods are important. This can mean that the alcohol …

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  • Detoxing from alcohol

    Detoxing From Alcohol May Require Medical Supervision

    Detoxing from alcohol can be a struggle for anyone who has used this substance for an extended period or who consumes large quantities every day, and in severe cases medical treatment and oversight may be needed so that this can be done safely and effectively. …

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  • Blog Post Week 56 2

    Why is Physical Fitness So Important with Substance Abuse Treatment?

    The best possible treatment for substance abuse involves a number of different elements, and one of these is physical fitness. Why is it so important for you to get physical and work towards improving your fitness level? There are several reasons why almost every addiction …

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  • Blog Post Week 56 1

    When Does Substance Abuse Become Addiction?

    Substance abuse is a very prevalent problem in modern society. Many people use various drugs or alcohol and the reason for this use may be as numerous as the number of users. Every individual will abuse drugs or alcohol for different reasons. When does abuse …

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  • Alcoholism Treatment Drugs

    Are Elderly Individuals Also at Risk for Substance Abuse?

    Many people think of the younger generations when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse, but the elderly population also has stories of substance abuse and addiction as well. No one wants to think that sweet old grandma or granddad, or that nice older lady …

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