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  • Blog Post Week 72 2

    Is a Christian Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Right for You?

    A Christian substance abuse treatment facility is one of many options, but is this choice the right one for you and your substance abuse treatment needs? For some this type of facility can be the best possible choice, and for others this may not give …

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  • Blog Post Week 74 2

    What Causes Drug Abuse?

    Understanding what causes drug abuse is important if you or a friend or loved one have a substance abuse problem. There are many different factors involved when substance abuse occurs. Knowing what causes drug abuse allows you to understand the various factors in your case, …

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  • Blog Post Week 73 2

    How to Recognize the Warning Signs of Aneroxia Nervosa

    The warning signs of Anorexia Nervosa can range from mild to severe, but there are some symptoms that parents and family members should watch for and recognize. Learning the warning signs of Anorexia Nervosa could save a life, whether it is yours or a loved …

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  • Blog Post Week 75 2

    5 Things any Substance Abuse Treatment Plan Should Include

    1. A Substance Abuse Treatment Plan Will Identify the Substance Being Abused The first thing that any substance abuse treatment plan should include is the identification of the substance being abused. Someone addicted to opiate pain medications may require different steps and withdrawal management measures …

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  • Blog Post Week 75 1

    The Benefits of Personalized Substance Abuse Treatment are Numerous

    Personalized substance abuse treatment offers many benefits over a standard plan that is not customized for the individual. If you have a substance abuse problem then the reasons that you turn to drugs or alcohol will not always be the same as someone else, and …

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