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  • Can you Spot the Signs of Methamphetamine Addiction?

    If someone you care about has a problem would you be able to spot the signs of a methamphetamine addiction? After this type of addiction has set in the symptoms experienced are usually severe, but in the early stages many may miss a methamphetamine addiction …

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  • Magic Mushrooms

    What are Magic Mushrooms and are They Found in Canada?

    What are magic mushrooms? Are these illegal fungi found in Canada? These are two very common questions. Magic mushrooms are mushrooms that contain psilocybin, which is a compound that is hallucinogenic and psychoactive. This ingredient can only be found in a specific mushroom species, and …

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  • What is the Dual Diagnosis Research Program in Canada?

    Many people are not aware of the Dual Diagnosis Research Program in Canada, and those who do know about it may not fully understand what this program is or how it works. This is a unique program, there are not any other programs in Canada …

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