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  • Where Can You Turn for Help if You Have an Addiction?

      If you have an addiction then it is important that you seek help, but where can you turn? Substance abuse often causes an individual to feel isolated, and keeping secrets is very common when drugs or alcohol are being abused. The user may be …

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  • Family Intervention

    Does Someone You Love Need An Intervention?

     Intervention for Drug or Alcohol Addiction Substance abuse issues, compulsive behaviors and addictions can be devastating on the individual experiencing them and for the family, friends, and coworkers that may be watching in horror. Sometimes an intervention may be needed to get the individual to …

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  • Man Gambling At Casino

    6 Signs That You Need Compulsive Gambling Treatment

    1. A compulsive gambling problem should be suspected if your gaming interferes with a normal life. If your gambling affects your work or school, if it causes financial difficulties for you, or if it causes problems in your relationships with family and friends then compulsive …

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  • 5 Consequences of Substance Abuse and Addiction

      The consequences of substance abuse and addiction can end up taking over every aspect of your life.  From the big things to the little things, addiction affects the physical as well as filling your inner life with false signals and meanings. 1. Legal There …

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  • Pain Relief Without Higher Addiction Risks May be Possible

    A new study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse is performing research on a pain receptor which is situated underneath the skin called the delta opioid receptor. This is the receptor that regulates all of the minor sensations in the skin, such as …

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