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  • Heroin Addiction Affects The Entire Family

    Heroin Addiction Affects Everyone

    Heroin addiction is an addiction that affects everyone. The user has their lives turned inside out, and functioning without this drug is difficult or seems to be impossible. Friends and family members are also affected by heroin abuse in many different ways as well. Loved …

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  • Self Harm

    What are the Self Harm Warning Signs?

    Self harm warning signs indicate that a person harms or mutilates themselves, but what are these warning signs? Self injury is not always easy to spot and individuals who engage in this behavior may seem calm and well adjusted, without ever showing the real turmoil …

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  • Internet Addiction

    5 Top Internet Addiction Signs and Symptoms

    1. Isolation– One of the top signs of an internet addiction is isolation. Your online activities may prevent you from spending time with family and friends. You may feel like your online peers understand you while your real world friends and families just don’t get …

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  • Group Therapy

    The Benefits of Group Counseling for Substance Abuse Treatment

    When it comes to substance abuse treatment group counseling offers a number of benefits, but this method alone is not effective and group sessions need to be combined with other treatment methods and counseling types. Group counseling shows the individual with the problem that they …

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  • Getting Help For Addiction

    How to Get Help With Addiction and Take Your Life Back

    If you need help with addiction or substance abuse treatment you may be unsure who to talk to or where to turn. Often in this type of situation you feel lost, and you are not sure where to start or how to begin to address …

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