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  • Alcoholism

    Alcohol Consumption More Likely to Lead to Risky Behavior in Men

    Alcohol consumption is known to lead to risky behavior, but a new study shows that men are more likely to take risks than women after drinking. The study concluded that as the level of alcohol in the blood rises so does the likelihood that males …

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  • Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, and an Accurate Dual Diagnosis

    An accurate dual diagnosis is necessary for anyone who has substance abuse issues and at least one form of mental illness. These cases tend to be more complex because there is more than one problem that needs to be diagnosed, evaluated, and treated. If the …

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  • What Treatments are Offered for Schizophrenia?

    Schizophrenia is a devastating mental disorder that can affect every area of an individual’s life, but what treatments are available for this condition? One of the most common ways to treat this form of mental illness is with medication. This can be a problem for …

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  • How Does Your Body Process Alcohol?

    We all understand what happens when you engage in alcohol abuse, you start to get intoxicated, your inhibitions are lowered, and you may even black out if you drink too much. What happens in your body when alcohol is consumed though? Your liver is responsible …

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  • Is Adult Memory Damaged by Teen Marijuana Use?

    A recent study shows that adult memory may be damaged by teen marijuana use. Adolescents who use marijuana on a regular basis, and who are considered heavy users, tend to have a brain structure which is abnormal and they tend to perform very poorly on …

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