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  • 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Substance Abuse Treatment Program

    1. Cost– Every substance abuse treatment program will have a specific cost involved, and some will be much higher than others. Evaluate not just the price but what you get for this amount in order to make the best choice for your circumstances and situation. …

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  • Stimulant Abuse in the Workplace

    Stimulant abuse by employees is becoming more common in North America, and according to the experts there is no available data about just how prevalent this practice is but what is known is that the number of people who abuse stimulant drugs and who use …

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  • 4 Common Questions About Naloxene Rescue Kits

    1. What are Naloxene rescue kits? These kits have everything needed to start reversing an overdose so that the individual who took the drug has a better chance of surviving the event without permanent damage. The kit contains a drug called naloxene which reverses opioids …

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  • Mood Change

    Symptoms Which May Indicate Bipolar Disorder

    There are many symptoms which may indicate a bipolar disorder diagnosis may be accurate, and the symptoms exhibited by the individual will also depend on whether they are in a depression stage or a mania stage of the disorder. Understanding the signs of depression and …

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  • Mental Health

    What is the Difference Between Bipolar Disorder and Depression?

    Bipolar Disorder and depression are both mental disorders, and there are some similarities between the two forms of mental illness but there are also some very important differences as well. The first thing that a mental health professional will do is to ask about the …

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