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  • Alcohol Consumption

    The Cost of Alcohol Addiction

    Have you ever taken a second to stop and think about how expensive an addiction really is? If you have a food addiction and you go eat out every single night, or go splurge on a large triple chocolate milkshake every night, you would be …

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  • Cocaine 1

    Opioid Addiction: A First Hand Look

    Oftentimes it is hard for someone who is not an addict to understand the full severity of an addiction. It is hard for them to comprehend the way it makes someone feel, the grip it has on their life and the science behind why they …

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  • Question Mark Sign QJkoVV

    National Cannabis Survey in Canada: 2018 Third Quarter

    Studies and surveys are constantly being done on drug and alcohol use. The third quarter national cannabis survey was just released, so let’s take a look at the results. What is this survey? The National Cannabis Survey mainly seeks to better understand the frequency of …

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  • Man Smoking In Dark

    Driving Under The Influence

    When you hear the statement “driving under the influence,” the first thing you likely think of is driving drunk – which is actually driving while intoxicated, however, it is still typically what comes to mind. To “drive under the influence” is to drive while under …

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  • Family Together1

    Talking to Your Kids About Drugs

    School has been back in session for a few months now, and kids are getting back into the routine of everything. With this routine also comes the stress of class, the stress of sports and practices, and the daily peer pressure to “fit in”; teens …

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