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3 Common Myths Concerning Substance Abuse and Addiction

addiction myths, substance abuse myths

When it comes to substance abuse and addiction there are some common myths and ideas that are false, and they may be harmful in some cases. These include:


#1. Willpower alone can cure addiction.


A lot of people who have never struggled with substance abuse or addiction may believe that the user suffers from a lack of willpower. Many who are addicted want to recover fully but a lack of willpower is not the problem. Invisible trauma and a spiritual void must both be addressed before a permanent recovery is possible. The user is not weak willed and the right treatment methods will provide positive results.


#2. The Disease Medical Model For Addiction


One of the biggest problems in the substance abuse treatment field is viewing addiction as a disease. This model allows the user to view their problem as something that they have no control over. If this mindset is used then the individual feels helpless and they are not an active participant in the recovery process.


#3. The Addict Must Want Treatment


One of the most harmful myths that many believe when it comes to substance abuse is that treatment will not work unless the user is willing to admit that they have a problem. This can lead to missed opportunities for treatment to be received. An intervention may help soften the resolve of even the most frequent substance abuser. This step may make the user admit a need for treatment even if they are resistant to the idea in the beginning.


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