4 Common Questions About Naloxene Rescue Kits

Naloxene rescue kits, opioid overdose

1. What are Naloxene rescue kits? These kits have everything needed to start reversing an overdose so that the individual who took the drug has a better chance of surviving the event without permanent damage. The kit contains a drug called naloxene which reverses opioids in the system and can prevent further absorption of the narcotic.

2. How are these kits used? The rescue kit is only intended to be used if an opioid overdose occurs. The opiod that was taken could be a prescription painkiller like morphine or hydrocodone or it could be an illegal street drug like heroin which has no medical use. When the overdose occurs the drug is given as soon as possible, usually as an injection, to prevent further damage and complications including death.

3. How can you get a Naloxene rescue kit? These kits must be prescribed by a medical professional, and in many areas only the individual with the addiction can be named as the patient on the prescription. When the prescription is filled the kit is kept in the home just in case it is ever needed. Many overdose deaths could have been prevented if family or friends had access to a rescue kit when the overdose occurred.

4. Why not just call 911 and let the professionals handle the opioid overdose? When an overdose of opioids occurs the body starts to shut down and the brain will not get enough oxygen. After even a few minutes the lack of oxygen can cause permanent brain damage, but it may take emergency personnel much longer to reach the patient and start life saving measures.

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