4 Effective Relapse Prevention Tips for Sex Addiction

effective relapse prevention tips for sex addiction

1. Effective relapse prevention tips for sex addiction should always include stress management. If you have a sex addiction then high levels of stress can cause a relapse at time. Learning healthy ways to relieve stress and deal with daily tensions will greatly lower your relapse risks and ensure that you do not fall back into your old ways once more. It is not possible to eliminate stress from your life but it can be managed so that you do not relapse.

2. Many people who suffer from sex addiction also have other mental disorders that are untreated. One of the most effective relapse prevention tips is to treat the whole person during the initial phase of treatment, and that means identifying and treating any other mental disorders or physical conditions that you have.

3. Individual or one on one counseling is imperative if you have or had a sex addiction. Often these individuals have been victimized in the past, and that can create invisible wounds that will fester and continue to cause problems until these are uncovered and opened so that true healing can start. If this is not done then the problem will not go away.

4. One of the most effective relapse prevention tips when it comes to sex addiction is to avoid old habits, places, and people. If you used to use the Internet to search for porn then you may want to consider going without the world wide web when you first finish your treatment, giving yourself time before you may find yourself tempted to go backwards.


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