4 Effective Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse During the Holidays

holiday stress, substance abuse

1. Avoiding substance abuse during the holidays does not have to be difficult if you maintain your support network and stay in contact with those who encourage your sobriety. During the holidays many people feel rushed, and they look at ways to save time. If you do not take time to maintain your support network you could find yourself adrift though, and this can lead to drinking or drugs.

2. Reduce your level of holiday stress by making yourself and your health a top priority. Set aside enough time each night for sleep, and don’t feel guilty if you pass on a party or holiday event in order to stay home, take a hot bath, and curl up with a good book so that you can call it an early night.

3. Replace traditions that involve substance abuse with new traditions that do not involve alcohol or drugs. These traditions should be focused on your health and wellbeing, and they should promote sobriety.

4. Keep your holiday stress to a minimum by avoiding old placed and people from your past that you associate with drug or alcohol use. This means avoiding the bar where you used to celebrate the holidays, and staying away from old friends who still drink excessively or use drugs. This will keep you from relapsing and ensure that you stay sober through the holiday season.

These methods can help you stay on the road to recovery and keep you from falling off the wagon when the demands of the holiday get to be too much.


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