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4 Signs That Substance Abuse Treatment Is Needed

Signs of Substance Abuse, substance abuse treatment

1. Financial Problems




Individuals who use drugs or alcohol frequently usually have financial difficulties on an ongoing basis. These substances can be costly and financial resources that may be needed elsewhere are wasted on drugs or alcohol instead.. A constant need for money can indicate that there is a substance abuse problem that needs to be addressed and treated.




2. Changes In Work Or School Performance




Another common indicator that something is wrong is a decline in performance, either at work or at school. When users start to use alcohol or drugs on a frequent basis then this affects the ability to perform well academically and in a work environment. Absences and missed deadlines are a big problem when substance abuse becomes an issue.




3. Legal Complications




Substance abuse often leads to legal complications. When the user drinks and drives or gets caught possessing any amount of illegal drug then they may be arrested, taken to jail, and even incarcerated for a significant length of time. If alcohol or drugs cause any legal complications then this may be a sign that substance abuse is required.




4. Risk Taking Behaviors And Actions




Using drugs or alcohol typically leads to an increase in risk taking behaviors and activities. Illegal drugs must be purchased from criminals, and many of the substances abused will change the thought patterns and eliminate good judgment. The user may place themselves in unsafe situations in order to obtain drugs or alcohol or their muddled thought processes can lead to much higher risks.