4 Situations That Indicate Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Addiction Is a Problem

Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction are serious problems that require treatment, and if ignored they can cause devastating consequences in every area of your life. If you experience one or more of the following situations then this indicates that you have a problem with alcohol and substance abuse treatment should be sought.

1. Alcohol use keeps you from taking care of your daily responsibilities. These responsibilities may be at school, work, or home. If you are frequently late, you miss important deadlines, usual housekeeping and domestic chores are left unfinished, or other responsibilities are neglected then you should seek help.

2. Alcohol abuse causes you to allow yourself to be placed in unsafe, risky, or even dangerous positions. You may drink and then drive, you may operate dangerous machinery while you are under the influence, and you could engage in unsafe sexual practices or risky behaviors that lead to injury or disease.

3. If you suffer from alcohol addiction or you abuse this substance then you will usually have legal issues which keep recurring. You could be arrested repeatedly for driving under the influence of alcohol, you could physically assault or harm someone when you are drunk, or you could violate court orders while you are still under court supervision due to previous legal issues and find yourself facing new charges as well.

4. One definite sign that you have a problem with alcohol is continuing to drink even when this activity causes relationship problems and domestic strife. Family members, friends, and even your significant other may argue with you over your drinking habits to no avail, you continue to drink in spite of the negative consequences.

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