Ten Girl Drug Abuse

4 Ways to Prevent Teen Drug Abuse

substance abuse among teens, teen drug abuse1. Teen drug abuse is a big problem, but that does not mean that you have to accept that your teen will use drugs. Parents are role models, and the message that you give your kids about drug abuse is critical. Some parents may view a drink here or there or a little bit of marijuana use as harmful experimentation, and this may be seen by the teen as permission to engage in drug use.

2. Preventing substance abuse among teens can be achieved, especially if you have your teenager submit to random drug screening. There are many home tests which can be used to identify whether your teen has been using drugs, and the research shows that teens who know they will be tested by their parents are far less likely to give in to peer pressure and try drugs.

3. If you want to prevent teen drug abuse then give your adolescent positive outlets and healthy habits instead. Sports can help keep teens from using drugs and drinking, and a healthy sense of self esteem can play a big role in keeping kids away from unhealthy substances. You do not need to schedule every second of your teen’s day but make sure that they have activities which help build confidence and self esteem.

4. There is a lower risk of substance abuse among teens when parents make sure to talk to their kids about drugs and alcohol, and these talks need to be open and honest. Do not lie when your teen asks about your past, be honest but also explain why some of the choices you made when you were younger were questionable and what you learned from these mistakes.