5 Common New Years Resolutions

common goals, New Year's resolutions1. Lose Weight- One of the top New Years resolutions for many people is to lose weight. This is especially true for those in North America where obesity is becoming an epidemic. Weight loss can be achieved with a healthier diet and more physical activity, but some plans severely restrict calories or avoid entire food groups and these may not be safe or healthy.

2. Seek Substance Abuse Treatment- One of the most common goals set for the next year is to seek out treatment for alcohol abuse or drug addiction. If you have a substance abuse issue then this can cause chaos in your life, and a permanent recovery is possible but only if you use the right methods and choose the best possible programs for recovery.

3. Exercise More- Many of us live a sedentary lifestyle and we do not get enough exercise. Often the goal for the new year is to get more exercise and make an effort to be more physically active.

4. Quit Smoking- This is one of the most frequent New Years resolutions, especially now as the harmful effects of this activity are becoming more well known. There are many ways to quit smoking and these include cold turkey, substitution, patches, prescription medications, and even hypnosis.

5. Spend More Time With Family And Friends- Quality time with loved ones is one of the common goals set on New Year’s Eve. In the modern rat race it can be easy to lose sight of what is truly important in your life due to an overbooked schedule, and most of us want to spend more time with those we care about.


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