5 Consequences of Substance Abuse and Addiction

consequences of substance abuse and addiction, substance abuse and addiction

The consequences of substance abuse and addiction can end up taking over every aspect of your life.  From the big things to the little things, addiction affects the physical as well as filling your inner life with false signals and meanings.

1. Legal

There are a number of legal consequences for substance abuse and addiction. There are many drug laws which can make possessing or using certain substances a criminal offense. The penalties for violating these laws can be large fines, probation, mandated substance abuse treatment programs, and even jail or prison time.  A complete loss of your freedom physical is a big price to pay.  Not just for yourself but for the loved ones you risk leaving alone.

2. Financial

The financial consequences of substance abuse and addiction can be high. Alcohol and drugs can be very expensive, and when you use these substances on a regular basis the financial consequences can interfere with your financial obligations in other areas. Missed payments, shut off notices, a negative impact on your credit rating, and eviction or foreclosure from your home are just some of the consequences to your finances.  Worst of all, these aspects of life can continue to be ignored when an addiction takes first priority.

3. Social

Substance abuse and addiction have a large impact on your social life. As you get deeper into drugs or alcohol old friends no longer seem important, and your social circle changes to eliminate anyone who does not share your substance abuse habits. Long-time relationships will deteriorate and you will alienate those who truly care for you.  As a dependency grows larger and larger, friends and family will drift farther and farther away until even you won’t value your life as much as the addiction.

4. Medical

The medical and health consequences of substance abuse and addiction can be enormous and wide-ranging. Over time the abuse of drugs or alcohol will start to harm your health. Your internal organs may stop functioning properly, and poor nutrition will only make your health problems worse.

A vicious cycle of feeling bad from feeling unhealthy, then using substances to feel better just make you feel worse and worse over time.

5. Daily Responsibilities

One of the most visible consequences of substance abuse and addiction involves the neglect of your daily responsibilities. Finding time to handle every-day tasks like cooking, cleaning, and taking care of your family responsibilities can be very hard when most of your time and attention is focused on getting and abusing substances.

The biggest issue with addictions is that once an addiction takes priority, nothing else is even on the list.