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5 Nonalcoholic Beverage Choices For The Holidays!

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1. Ginger Ale- Ginger ale is a terrific pick for a beverage during holiday parties and celebrations. This beverage resembles the champagne used to make toasts without including any of the alcohol. If you do not disclose what is in your glass no one will know the difference, and you avoid the risk of any relapse.


2. Sparkling Water- Sparkling or carbonated water is another common substitution for those in recovery who want to be social but who need to avoid alcohol at all costs. This beverage has no calories or alcohol but it is refreshing and bubbly at the same time.


3. Sparkling Cider- Sparkling cider has a taste and appearance similar to wine, but it is carbonated cider or juice instead. If you do not enjoy cider there are versions that use grape juice or cranberry juice instead. You can enjoy all of the festivities and merriment of the season without relapsing or causing any setbacks in your recovery.


4. Orange Juice- Orange juice is delicious, thirst quenching, and used as a base for many alcoholic beverages. You can enjoy a glass of the juice plain, or you can request this liquid be mixed with other tropical fruit juices for a cocktail that is delightful and virgin at the same time. Only you will know that it does not contain any liquor.


5. Cranberry Juice- Cranberry juice has a vivid color and an enjoyable taste, and it can be the perfect replacement for alcohol if you are in recovery. The tartness makes it a great juice to mix with other options and it has a holiday appearance that is extremely festive.

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