Parent With Her Children

5 Things Parents and Teens Need to Know About Synthetic Marijuana

synthetic marijuana is featuring more and more heavily in teen drug use

1. Teen drug use is on the rise, and many teens believe that synthetic marijuana is safe. These drugs are sold in many stores and available at local retailers in most populated areas, and many teens view them as a safer alternative to street drugs even though this is not true.

2. Unlike many other drugs synthetic marijuana is not a single drug. Instead a wide variety of chemicals may be used on plant materials in order to activate THC receptors in the brain of the user. Sometimes these receptors may be activated too much by the chemicals involved, and that can lead to serious medical problems or even death in some cases.

3. Law enforcement and the laws are not highly effective at eliminating synthetic marijuana because every time a law is passed banning a chemical the manufacturers of these products simply change the chemical compounds used so that it is not one which is currently banned.

4. The side effects of synthetic marijuana can vary widely. Some who have used one of these products have become extremely aggressive, confused, or even ended up in a catatonic state. During adolescence when the brain is still maturing and developing the use of these drugs can have very serious consequences.

5. In spite of all the risks and dangers of synthetic marijuana these products are still very popular for teen drug use. One appeal for some people is that many drug screens can not catch these drugs, but the outcome may still be disastrous for the user.