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5 Tips on How to Deal With a Substance Abuse Relapse

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Substance abuse relapse can be a big problem, and many who enter treatment will require further rounds in the future because the risk of relapse is so high. There are some tips on how to deal with this problem if it occurs, so that you continue on your journey to recovery. Life is full of setbacks and a relapse can be overcome.


1. Do not think of a relapse as a failure, just a temporary setback. You slid backwards a little but you can continue to move forward from this point on. Beating yourself up over a momentary lack of good judgment could cause another relapse. Accept that you are human and make mistakes, and then move on.


2. Refocus your energy and take corrective actions to minimize future relapse risks. Once you have used again you may need another round of treatment. Call and set up a counseling appointment and then keep it.


3. Remove yourself from temptation. A relapse can be devastating but it can be rectified if you remove yourself from the situation and seek additional help.


4. Use your support system when it is needed. If you have a relapse then contact a mentor or other support individual and talk about the experience. It is better to call these people before you give in but they can also help after you have gone back to your old ways as well.


5. Reflect on the factors that caused the relapse, and then plan on how these can be avoided in the future. You may have to say goodbye to old friends, places, and situations but in the end you will be better off.




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