Internet Addiction

5 Top Internet Addiction Signs and Symptoms

internet addiction signs

1. Isolation– One of the top signs of an internet addiction is isolation. Your online activities may prevent you from spending time with family and friends. You may feel like your online peers understand you while your real world friends and families just don’t get you or what you are going through.

2. Euphoria– If you experience a sense of euphoria and joy when you engage in online chatting or other activities then you may need online addiction help. If you get online when you are feeling negative emotions in order to feel better and find excitement or gratification then your Internet use may be a problem.

3. Lost Time- One of the most common symptoms of internet addiction is losing track of time when you are online. You may start out meaning to spend a few minutes but end up spending many hours instead, and this can signal an addiction that needs to be addressed.

4. One sign that you need online addiction help is a sense of guilt or feelings of shame over your online activities. These emotions show that your behavior is not healthy and your activities are having negative consequences on your life. The guilt or shame is a symptom that can be devastating, and you may try to hide how often you use the Internet or what you do online.

5. If you are suffering from internet addiction you may find that completing daily work or home tasks are difficult or impossible. You may notice household chores are not being performed because you spend so much time online.