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5 Warning Signs Of Heroin Use Or Addiction!

heroin addiction signs, how to diagnose a heroin dependency

Heroin is one of the most dangerous and destructive substances that can be abused, and it is highly addicted. Some of the most common signs that indicate a dependency or addiction to heroin include:

1. Changes In Mood And Behavior- As heroin begins to take hold someone who used to be friendly, cheerful, and outgoing may suddenly seem depressed, hostile, and sullen. Stress and minor irritants may cause a reaction completely out of proportion to the situation, and the individual may be withdrawn as well.

2. A New Peer Group- You will usually notice that old peers drop away and a new group of friends replace them. Those who use heroin tend to gravitate towards others who share this habit. Old friends may start to draw away because of the drug use, and the individual would rather spend time with others who also like to get high on this substance.

3. Frequent Financial Problems And Missing Items- Heroin can be an expensive habit to keep up with, and the user will start to pawn, sell, or barter with personal possessions and household items in order to obtain the drug. Eventually the individual runs out of their own possessions and will try to borrow from family and friends.

4. Criminal Activity- The eventual decline due to drug use will cause the heroin addict to turn to criminal activity in order to support their habit. Stealing money and valuable items from friends and family will become a problem, and many turn to robberies and home invasion in order to get items to sell or trade for the drug.

5. Problems At Work Or School- It is very difficult for someone dependent on heroin to concentrate at work or focus on school, and problems with performance and attendance are both an issue when dependency and addiction to this substance occur.

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