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5 Ways that Long Term Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Endangers Your Health

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction, alcohol health risks

1. Permanent and irreversible bran damage can result from chronic or heavy drinking because of alcohol abuse and addiction. Every time you consume alcohol you destroy brain cells, and the more you drink the more damage you do to your brain. Over time permanent brain damage can occur, and this can be a short term problem if excessive amounts of alcohol are consumed in a short time period as well.

2. Liver damage and disease can also be caused by alcohol abuse and addiction. The liver cab regenerate damaged tissue for a time, but eventually the alcohol use will eliminate this ability and cirrhosis of the liver will set it. Liver cancer is also caused by excessive or chronic drinking in many cases.

3. Malnutrition is a common problem for individuals with alcohol abuse or addiction issues. As the drinking gets worse food is replaced by liquid meals that contain alcohol in some form, and this causes the person to miss out on vital nutrients that are critical to good health.

4. Ulcers and other digestive system problems are typical in cases of alcohol abuse and addiction. This substance is harsh on the lining of the digestive system, and repeat exposure can break down these tissues and cause ulcers and inflammation.

5. A higher risk for cancer of the mouth and throat due to the irritation in these tissues that alcohol use can cause. Many who drink heavily and for longer periods have high cancer rates for these areas. The risk for many other types of cancer for someone with alcohol abuse and addiction is also higher than average as well




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