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5 Ways to Stay Sober Through the Holidays

holidays, stay sober

1. Shop Early for the Holidays to Stay Sober- Shopping early for the holidays can help you stay sober and prevent relapse. Last minute shopping means crowded stores, traffic jams, and other stressful situations that are best avoided if you are in recovery. Stress can cause a relapse so give yourself extra time so you are not rushed.


2. Hold Your Own Party for the Holidays- Holding a party for the holidays can be a great way to stay sober. Since you are the host then you can control what is served and what is left out. Friends and family will understand why no alcohol is served at your event and you will not feel pressured to indulge.


3. Stay Sober by Attending More Meetings- If the holidays are a tough time and you struggle to stay sober during this period then attend more meetings. Many larger cities offer meetings several times a day, seven days a week. This can help you get the additional support that you need during the holidays and keep you from relapsing.


4. Take Time For Yourself- The holidays can be rushed, with little time for yourself. If you want to stay sober then you need to take time in order to relax. Take a hot bath, listen to some music, read a good book, or engage in another calming activity.


5. Talk With Party Hosts About Your Sobriety Before an Event- Discussing your recovery with a party host before the event can help you get through the party without drinking. Your host will know to offer you nonalcoholic beverages without putting you on the spot.


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