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5 Ways To Stay Stress Free During The Christmas Holidays!

Christmas, stress

1. Soak In A Hot Tub- A soak in a hot tub is a quick way to relieve stress and help you feel rejuvenated. The heat from the water and the muscle relaxation caused can help melt away stress in very little time. This will leave you feeling stress free and ready for anything. Stress is a bog relapse factor so controlling it is important, especially during the Christmas holidays when stress is at the highest levels of the year.


2. Take A Nap- Getting enough rest is essential for stress reduction, but the holidays are a period when time seems very limited. Take a nap if you are feeling tired and stress, and you may be very surprised at how you feel on waking.


3. Have A Cup Of Cocoa- A cup of hot cocoa can help you relax and evoke fond memories. This may help lower your stress and your relapse risks. Warm milk can also be used. The warmth of the beverage is physically relaxing, and positive emotions will help reduce stress at the same time.


4. Turn Down Some Of The Invitations Received- If you are feeling stressed out during the holiday season then turn down some of the many invitations received. Ignore the urge to feel guilty and only accept invitations that you want to attend.


5. Spend A Quiet Evening With Close Family- Get away from the hectic bustle of the stores and nonstop shopping by enjoying a quiet evening at home with close family members. Relax and enjoy camaraderie with your loved ones, without any stress or negative emotions.

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