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When Does Substance Abuse Become Addiction?

Substance abuse is a very prevalent problem in modern society. Many people use various drugs or alcohol and the reason for this use may be as numerous as the number of users. Every individual will abuse drugs or alcohol for different reasons. When does abuse become addiction though? Are there signs that can help you determine whether the problem is getting worse? Addiction can come in more than one type. A physical addiction occurs when your body and physical systems have developed a tolerance for the substance that is abused, and the physical processes needed for life and good health can not occur properly without the drug or alcohol. A psychological addiction occurs when the brain and thought processes crave the substance that is abused even when there is no physical tolerance or dependence involved.addiction treatment, substance dependency

Some drugs may be highly addictive, and it is possible to get hooked the first time that these are used. The method of use also plays a role in addiction. Individuals who use needles and inject certain drugs are much more likely to get addicted very quickly, while snorting the drug may take longer for this to happen. Heroin and methamphetamine are usually considered far more addictive than marijuana and a tolerance for these drugs is usually built up fairly quickly. Tolerance or dependency means that you must use more alcohol or drugs in order to get the same effect that you used to. For some people and some substances the abuse can turn to addiction extremely quickly, before you even realize what is happening. If you or a loved one has a problem with any type of substance abuse or addiction Valiant Recovery offers hope and effective treatment.

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