6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Substance Abuse Treatment Program

addiction recovery, substance abuse treatment program

1. Cost– Every substance abuse treatment program will have a specific cost involved, and some will be much higher than others. Evaluate not just the price but what you get for this amount in order to make the best choice for your circumstances and situation.

2. Treatment Methods Offered– Some addiction recovery methods like individual counseling can be highly effective. Look at what methods each program offers before you make any final decision.

3. Spirituality– The right substance abuse treatment program will involve spirituality in a form that you believe in. This can be a Christian rehab that follows Christian tenets and principles or a non denominational program that includes a belief in a higher power without being much more specific.

4. Setting– The setting of the residential facility can be a determining factor in whether you get a full and permanent recovery or not. Some facilities are crowded and highly stressful, others have fewer clients and work hard to ensure a stress free setting that is conducive to recovery.

5. Is Detox Offered?– Some facilities which provide addiction recovery will include on site detox, others require this treatment component to be completed before arriving at the program. If youi require medical detox then it can be less stressful and more convenient to find a facility which offers both detox and treatment.

6. Insurance Coverage– Look at any insurance coverage that you have and determine whether a certain substance abuse treatment program accepts the coverage that you have. Often any insurance that you have will result in a program that is crowded and which may only offer a few treatment methods and program options.

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