Will Your Health Insurance Cover Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment?

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One of the most common questions asked when it comes to substance abuse and addiction treatment is whether the cost will be covered by health insurance. Rehab programs for drugs and alcohol can be very affordable, very expensive, or somewhere in between these two extremes. Some health insurance plans will cover substance abuse and addiction treatment while others do not, and each specific case will have certain considerations depending on the health insurance plan that provides coverage. There are many health insurance companies that provide some type of treatment for substance abuse or addiction issues, but the amount that will be paid may make it difficult for you to find a highly effective program that actually gives you the best chance of a permanent recovery.

If you need substance abuse and addiction treatment and you are covered by some type of health insurance plan then the first step is to contact the insurance company. Find out what your plan specifics are and what types of rehab programs will be covered. Often inpatient treatment is only provided if the substance being abused could cause serious medical complications during the detox program. Long term alcohol abuse could cause seizures when the drug is stopped completely. Usually health insurance companies try to limit substance abuse and addiction programs to outpatient options in order to keep costs down. A high end rehab or luxury program is not normally covered under most insurance plans, but these facilities may offer the best chance to get sober and stay that way.

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