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7 Common Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

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There are a number of common signs that indicate prescription drug abuse or addiction, and knowing these can help determine whether an individual needs substance abuse treatment. These include:


  • Doctor Shopping- Doctor shopping occurs when the individual goes to more than one doctor in an attempt to get prescriptions for the desired medication. The person may go to several physicians complaining of pain or other symptoms in order to receive the prescriptions they are looking for.
  • Stealing or Forging Prescriptions- If the prescription needed for the drug can not be obtained legally then the individual may steal legitimate prescriptions or forge blank prescription forms in order to get the drugs they are searching for.
  • Buying Prescription Drugs Illegally- If it is not possible to get a physician to prescribe the desired drug then the user may buy these on the street instead. In some areas of the country the powerful pain drug Oxycontin may go for $1 or more per milligram, bringing in $80 for a single 80 milligram dose.
  • Mood Swings- Mood swings occur because the user is up then down due to the drug use, and these may be extreme. The user may become hostile or aggressive when withdrawing.
  • Depressed Breathing- Most of the commonly abused prescription medications will cause a depression in the respiration of the user. Their breathing may be slow and shallow when on the medication.
  • Unusual Sleep Cycles- Disruption of the normal sleep and wake cycles can be a sign of prescription drug abuse.
  • Taking The Medication More Than Prescribed- If the user has a legitimate prescription and medical need then the abuse may take the form of extra doses or taking the medication more often or in larger amounts than prescribed.


If you or someone you love has a problem with prescription drug abuse then we can help. Valiant Recovery offers Christian based substance abuse treatment that can help you recover fully and get back to the real you once more, without prescription drugs clouding your future.




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