8 Alcohol Abuse Signs and Risk Factors That Could Lead to Alcohol Addiction

one of the greatest alcohol abuse signs and alcohol addiction risk factors is a family history of mental illness or substance abuse1. One of the biggest alcohol abuse signs and risk factors that could lead to alcohol addiction is a genetic predisposition that to substance abuse or mental illness.

2. If you drink when you are under stress or when something negative happens in your life then this can be a warning sign that alcohol addiction is a real possibility.

3. In the past if you have experienced black outs because of drinking or you have passed out and woke up in unfamiliar surroundings then this is one of the alcohol abuse signs.

4. Drinking in secret or hiding how much you drink from friends, family, or coworkers then this is a sign you are at risk for alcohol addiction and you may need treatment for a drinking problem.

5. One of the common alcohol abuse signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction is drinking early in the day.

6. If you drink more than the people that you are out with on a regular basis then this can be one of the alcohol abuse signs that indicate a need for alcohol addiction treatment.

7. If you find yourself thinking about a night of drinking or the actions that you take while you are under the influence with shame or regret then you may be suffering from alcohol addiction.

8. One of the alcohol abuse signs to watch for is drinking when you are alone on a frequent basis. If you drink when no one else is around or you feel the need to have a few every night then you probably have an alcohol addiction.