8 Tips for Recovery From Prescription Drug Abuse

prescription drug abuse, recovery1. Prescription drug abuse recovery is not impossible, many people have conquered this type of addiction with the right treatment programs and support systems. If you or someone you know has a problem with prescription medication abuse then professional help is needed.

2.Create a list of the ways that your prescription drug abuse has changed your life and affected those around you. This list shows all of the reasons why you need to seek substance abuse treatment.

3. Be very careful about any medications that you take. If you are recovering from opioid abuse then even taking a pain pill for legitimate pain can send you spiraling downward once more.

4. Take a hot bath when you start to feel the stress building up. A hot bath will relax your body and mind, and can help you prevent a relapse.

5. Get plenty of sleep each night. If you are not well rested then you may slip up in your recovery from prescription drug abuse, and being overly tired can cause a relapse.

6. Exercise can be very beneficial. When you get enough exercise each day your mood will stay more positive because of the endorphins that flood your brain during physical activity.

7. Be honest about your prescription drug abuse problem with every medical care provider. Your past substance abuse is nothing to be ashamed of and you should always be up front with your physicians.

8. Avoid any over the counter medications that contain alcohol or other risky ingredients. Real labels very carefully, and if you are not sure then ask your doctor or a pharmacist.