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Abusing Central Nervous System Depressants Can Cost You Your Life!


CNS depressants, sleeping pillsOne of the common classes of drugs that are frequently abused are central nervous system depressants. Your central nervous system includes your brain and all of your spinal cord tissues, and these drugs slow down the usual activity that takes place in these areas. CNS depressants are typically prescribe in order to help patients deal with sleep problems, anxiety disorders, and certain other conditions including seizures. Because of the effects that these substances have they are often abused or taken in order for the user to feel high. There are three main groups of CNS depressants, and they are:




  • Barbituates
  • Benzodiazepenes
  • Sleep aid drugs




CNS depressants are abused by individuals who have a valid prescription as well as those who buy these off the street illegally. Abuse includes taking a dose more frequently than prescribed, taking more doses per day, taking the drug when it is not really needed, or taking the substance for any effect that it was not prescribed for. If you are prescribed a sleeping aid it may help with anxiety but you should not do this unless you consult the prescribing doctor.




If CNS depressants are taken in larger than prescribed amounts or they are mixed with alcohol or other drugs then this can intensify the effects that they have. The result could be a serious medical emergency or even death in some cases. These medications can be habit forming and many Americans each year become hooked. If you have a problem with any type of CNS depressant you are not alone, and you can find substance abuse treatment and support that works.


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