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Addiction Often Sneaks Up On The User

addiction symptoms, hidden signs of addiction

How does drug use end up as drug abuse and then addiction? There are almost as many reasons why substance abuse occurs as there are people who use drugs and alcohol. In general these are used in order to eliminate negative feelings or cause a sense of euphoria or being high. Many who have a serious problem with drugs or alcohol fail to recognize that they abuse these substances or are addicted. One of the most common answers is that they can quit any time they want, and that they do not have a problem. Rationalizing the behavior is a sign of denial that addicts display frequently. The gradual increase in use that is seen over time is ignored by the individual and attempts to get help for the user is typically met with resistance.


Once substance use starts it can snowball, and before the user knows it they have developed an addiction. The stigma placed on substance abusers by society may make admitting the problem and seeking help extremely difficult. There is also a genetic component to substance abuse, and some individuals are far more likely to build up a tolerance and dependence than others. This is true even if the same drug, frequency of use, and amounts are ingested by each individual. If there is a family history of substance abuse in any form then relatives are at a higher risk for these issues as well. If you or someone you care about has a problem with substance abuse or addiction Valiant Recovery can help you get back on the path to healing and a bright future.


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