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Are Elderly Individuals Also at Risk for Substance Abuse?

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Many people think of the younger generations when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse, but the elderly population also has stories of substance abuse and addiction as well. No one wants to think that sweet old grandma or granddad, or that nice older lady down the street, may be drinking excessively or misusing prescription medications but the fact is this activity is happening around the country and world at a rising rate. Trend studies and research statistics show that older individuals use alcohol or drugs in order to cope with loneliness, grief, and even chronic physical pain that comes with the aging process. Sometimes the signs and symptoms of substance abuse is mistaken for aging, and the adult children may believe that senility or dementia is setting in when the truth is that the substance abuse is causing the issues instead.

Substance abuse treatment is important, and this is true whether the individual using drugs and alcohol is 15 years old or 75 years old. Older individuals may be resistant to treatment initially, and an intervention may be necessary to make the user see the damage that the substance abuse is causing. Valiant Recovery offers a treatment program that can help all ages, from teens to seniors. A customized treatment plan allows the individual to work through the problems leading to alcohol or drug use and allows them to recover from these harmful substances. If you have an aging parent or other elderly loved one who seems to have a problem with drugs or alcohol then substance abuse treatment is critical.


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