Alcohol Consumption

Are You an Alcoholic? How Can You Tell?

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Are you an alcoholic? This is a big question, and one that you may need answered. There are many online tests and questions that can help you determine whether alcohol abuse treatment is needed. Some of the warning signs that you may have a problem with alcohol include:

  • Time missed from work or school because you were drinking the night before or are drinking while you should be at work or school
  • An unhappy home life because of alcohol abuse
  • Alcohol use because you are shy or insecure around others and drinking helps you to loosen up
  • Financial problems caused by alcohol may show the need for alcohol abuse treatment
  • Legal difficulties that result from alcohol use, such as drinking and driving or being arrested because of other actions while drunk
  • Damage to your business or social reputation because of alcohol abuse
  • Feeling remorseful after you drink
  • Frequently drinking more than you intended
  • Putting your family members or friends in danger or in dangerous situations because of poor judgment when you have been drinking
  • Losing a job or being reprimanded at work because of drinking may mean that you need to seek out alcohol abuse treatment
  • One sign of being an alcoholic is drinking until you black out, and not being able to remember what happened the night before
  • Experiencing strong cravings for alcohol, especially if these happen at a certain time of day or in certain situations and circumstances
  • Previous alcohol abuse treatment means that you are at risk for further problems and any alcohol use or alcohol abuse needs to be avoided completely



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