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Are You At Risk For Prescription Drug Abuse?

prescription abuse, prescription medication addiction

Prescription drug abuse is becoming an alarming trend in the USA but who is at risk for this problem? There are a number of risk factors that could mean you have a higher risk of becoming addicted to certain types of prescription medications, even if these have been prescribed to you and they are taken as directed by the prescribing physician. Some of the top risk factors for this addiction include:




  • A genetic predisposition to substance abuse or addiction
  • Certain injuries or medical conditions that require the use of opiate painkillers
  • A diagnosis of anxiety disorder that is being treated with medication
  • Certain mental disorders including depression, schizophrenia, and others
  • An addiction to any other substance or activity
  • Taking more than the prescribed dose of the medicine prescribed
  • Taking the prescription drug when it is not medically needed
  • Using any substance in order to get high




If you or someone that you love has a prescription drug addiction then substance abuse treatment is needed. If there is also a mental disorder involved then a dual diagnosis treatment facility and program should be used, so that both elements are treated at the same time for a full and complete recovery. If either of the two components covered by a dual diagnosis is not addressed then the risk of relapse will be much higher after the treatment is finished. Certain prescription medications can cause an addiction even if you are not at a higher risk for this problem because of how these drugs work and the sense of well being or euphoria that they can create in the user.


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