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  • Man Smoking And Thinking

    Cannabis: A Gateway Drug

    Do you remember feeling invincible as a teenager? When you are young, it is easy to feel like nothing can hurt you. You are young, so you can basically do anything you want and recover, right? Everybody has to be a little crazy at some …

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  • Gambling Equipment

    What is a Gambling Addiction?

    Have you ever gambled? Maybe not in Las Vegas, but even at a small, local casino, during a game with some friends or even online. Some people maintain a neutral stance when it comes to gambling, others are in favor of it, and others are …

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  • Man Offering Advice

    Marijuana Use Isn’t Just Popular Among Teens

    Marijuana is often thought of to be prevalent among younger teens. They are in the age where peer pressure is a very common factor in their actions, and they are also at an age where they are curious and more likely to partake in risky …

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  • Pexels Photo 920036

    Alcoholism and the Compulsivity Circuit

    Have you ever wondered why someone would do something even though it hurts them? As an outsider, people often find themselves wondering this about addicts. A new study takes a look at the fact that heavy drinkers will still try to acquire alcohol despite the …

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  • Drink Beer

    How Long Does a Boozy Binge Really Last?

    A boozy binge can leave you feeling sick the night of, and even worse the next morning. You might feel nauseous or just exhausted at the end of the night after consuming an excess of alcohol, and likely wake up with a pounding headache and …

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